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Mastopexy with augmentation (Breast augmentation with a lift) is the combination of two cosmetic procedures designed to enhance the size, shape, and position of the breasts simultaneously. At Aesthetic Enhancements Plastic Surgery, board-certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Armando Soto offers many variations of this procedure to patients who desire both an increase in volume and improvement in shape and/or position of the breasts. During this surgery, implants are used to increase volume and the breast tissue and skin are re-shaped to create a more attractive and youthful shape, firmness and size. Aging, pregnancy, and weight loss are common natural factors that cause the breasts to sag and lose volume over time. As such, and because this is an area of particular expertise for Dr. Soto, this is one of the more common procedures patients seek to see him for.

Surgical Technique

The details of your procedure will depend on your preoperative examination, your goals, history, and Dr. Soto's recommendations. Generally speaking, the procedure will involve some combination of breast tissue re-shaping and repositioning (in order to achieve a more attractive and youthful appearance) with placement of an implant or fat for enhanced and targeted volume. 

Breast Lift Incision

All breast lift procedures will require incisions in order to reposition the breast and nipple, and remove excess skin. The ideal breast lift for you is one that is safe, and results in a beautiful shape approximating your goals. This, in turn, will depend on your starting anatomy and your goals for the final appearance of your breasts. Breast lift incisions are usually some combination of one or more component incisions:

  • An incision made along the borderline of the areola and the breast skin;
  • An incision made vertically from the lower border of the areola downward to the natural crease below the breast (similar to a lollipop); and,
  • An incision made along the natural crease below the breast.

It is important to understand that not all incision patterns would be appropriate for all patients. Each incision pattern will alter the breast in a predictable and well-defined manner; therefore the choice of the wrong incision pattern introduces a much greater risk that you are unhappy with the shape of your breasts. Conversely, choosing the correct incision pattern for your starting anatomy given your goals will greatly increase the odds that you are very pleased with the outcome of your surgery. This is where you will greatly benefit from Dr. Soto's extensive training and experience in breast surgery. 

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is one of the most common procedures performed in plastic surgery. Patients can choose between a silicone implant and one that is filled with saline. The type of implant chosen depends on the patient’s aesthetic goals and their examination. 

During/After Surgery

This surgery is an outpatient procedure and is performed in our on-site, internationally accredited surgical facility. General anesthesia is used. Following the procedure, patients will need to limit upper body movement, especially in the chest area for approximately 48 hours. Recovery is very similar to a breast augmentation, and the benefits are seen early after surgery, although final results will require 6 weeks to 3months. This is the time period it takes for the implants to settle in their new position.

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Breast Aug With Lift FAQs

Implants For Breast Sag?

Implants will surely help increase breast size, and in rare situations may be all that is needed to correct very minor sagging or deflation. However, a breast lift of some kind (Dr. Soto performs the full spectrum of described procedures for breast enhancement) will most likely be necessary if your breasts show true sagging. Breast sag is caused by overstretched skin and connective tissue that has lost its elasticity due to natural conditions such as pregnancy, weight loss, and/or aging. Placing an implant does not correct the breast shape and position that results from these life events, and in fact, it could make it worse by adding weight to a breast that has already exceeded the ability of the skin to support it. A lift corrects any sagging to create a tighter, more youthful breast appearance.

Secondary Surgery?

Breast lifts can last for many years, especially when patients adhere to a healthy lifestyle. Any significant weight gain or additional pregnancies could compromise the results of the surgery. This is why it is recommended to have this type of surgery when the patient is at or near their goal weight and does not plan to become pregnant in the future. As for breast implants, while they may not last a lifetime, they are manufactured to last up to an average of 10-15 years or longer.

Unsightly Scars?

While it is not possible to achieve the appearance of a lifted breast without undergoing a breast lift, and all breast lift techniques necessarily result in scars, with proper attention to the postoperative care of your scars as recommended by Dr. Soto, it is very likely you will be surprised by the inconspicuous appearance your scars achieve over time. The incisions made during a breast lift are patterned to best meet the aesthetic needs and goals of the patient. The good news is that over time and with proper scar care, they do fade and become barely noticeable. Most women find that their new shape and beautiful figure are well-worth the scars.

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