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Nano Laser Peel Overview

The Nano Laser Peel by Sciton is a minimal recovery laser treatment that gently ablates a very thin layer of the skin that achieves superficial resurfacing, leading to a refreshed appearance. The Nano Laser Peel is set apart from other lasers because it doesn’t leave behind a layer of heat-damaged cells. Microdermabrasion and chemical peel treatments aren’t able to get as deep as the Nano Laser Peel, making it a better treatment option for patients wishing to get a more enhanced outcome. 

Nano Laser Peel Surgical Technique

As performed by our skilled nurse practitioner, the Nano Laser Peel uses light energy to precisely remove the top layers of the skin. The depth reached by this laser is safe and effectively promotes the skin’s renewal. The procedure is fairly quick, taking less than 30 minutes.

Nano Laser Peel FAQs

Who is the ideal candidate ?

Ideal candidates for this procedure are those who are seeking the following:

  • Smooth/Youthful Skin
  • Minimization of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Minimization of scars, brown spots, and other pigment irregularities 

Where areas can I treat ?

The Nano Laser Peel is most popular for the treatment of the face and neck area. Some patients even treat their chest or hands as well.

What is the Downtime ?

Immediately after the procedure, you will have a sensation of warmth, but pain is very rare. Most patients experience about 1-2 days of downtime following their procedure, during which the superficial layers of skin are pink and healing. Because your new skin will be more vulnerable for a short time, it is important to remember to wear an SPF on the treated areas following your procedure.  You will see improvement quickly, and your skin will feel smooth and soft immediately following treatment. We will make recommendations for skin care and maintenance of your outcome based on the details of your procedure, your skin type, and your goals.

Can I combine treatments ?

The Nano Laser Peel is a great add-on option to your Botox and Filler treatments to reveal a new youthful glow! 

Is the procedure painful ?

The procedure doesn’t penetrate deep enough in the skin to require any local anesthetic. Most patients opt for a topical numbing cream for maximum comfort. 

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