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What is a Nonsurgical Neck Lift?

Are you tired of wearing turtlenecks and scarves all year round to conceal the loose, flabby skin on your neck? Dr. Armando Soto provides nonsurgical neck lift procedures using MyEllevate® technology at his office in Orlando, FL to reduce the look of an aging neckline. This facial treatment tightens the area on the underside of your chin and along the neck to remove a "double chin" or "turkey neck." By utilizing a tightening technique to produce a softer neckline, a nonsurgical neck lift by Dr. Armando Soto can provide significant enhancements to your profile. Before you contact us to schedule your initial consultation, read more about the procedure, as well as the amazing results it can create.

Is a Nonsurgical Neck Lift Right for Me?

Patients contemplating a nonsurgical neck lift generally have mild to moderate loose, hanging skin on their neck. This laxity is often caused by ranging factors, including aging and significant weight loss. Whatever the reason may be, loose neck skin creates an older, unbecoming look, which can be effectively remedied through the use of MyEllevate technology. If you are physically healthy and at a good weight, but you feel challenged by sagging folds of skin, surface lines, and wrinkles along the neck, this treatment may be a recommended answer.

How is a Nonsurgical Neck Lift Performed?

Before the procedure begins, the patient will be given local anesthesia to make sure the experience is as comfortable as possible throughout the length of the treatment. After the anesthesia has taken effect, Dr. Soto will make use of a light-guided suture system known as ICLED®, which will be used to create a type of support system for the glands and muscles throughout the neck and jawline. The operation takes place in our office and has our patients outfitted with a younger, more defined profile in just one hour.

What Results Can I Expect from a Nonsurgical Neck Lift?

Unlike a surgical neck left, results from this technique are visible immediately after the conclusion of the procedure. In addition, results have proved to be incredibly long-lasting with some patients even reporting positive results up to seven years later. Once the procedure is finished, patients will be free to return home. However, they will be required to wear a chin strap to keep their neck safe and straight. The following day, we will ask you to return for a follow-up to ensure your body is healing as it should. 

In some cases, there is a bit of bruising and/or swelling around the neck and jawline, but this is not uncommon and will naturally heal in around a week. Within just a few days, most patients feel ready to go back out in public and even return to work. The minimally invasive techniques used during the MyEllevate procedure mean that there are typically very few visible signs of an operation, making our patients feel more comfortable being seen by their friends and colleagues. All forms of exercise and heavy lifting should be avoided for at least 1 – 2 weeks after the treatment in order to prevent any further swelling in the area. Once the neck has healed, you may still notice some tightness in your neck and/or behind your ear when you look down. This is due to the support system created by the sutures. However, this feeling will usually go away within 2 – 3 weeks, at which time patients should go back to feeling normal.

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Achieve A More Defined Neck and Jawline

Say goodbye to your "turkey neck" profile, and attain the firm and smooth neck you deserve. If you are embarrassed about folds and wrinkles on your neck, we invite you to contact Dr. Armando Soto in Orlando, FL to schedule your appointment. A nonsurgical neck lift by Dr. Soto has changed the self-esteem of countless individuals. We look forward to sharing this outstanding cosmetic procedure with you.

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