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Board-certifed Plastic Surgeon Dr. Armando Soto has been recognized time and time again for his expertise and specialty skill in cosmetic surgery. Dr. Soto has been named one of only 100 doctors across the nation to receive the RealSelf 100 award for his commitment to ensuring millions of consumers make informed decisions about cosmetic procedures. At Aesthetic Enhancement Plastic Surgery in Orlando, Dr. Soto and his highly-trained medical team take great pride in the daily reviews and referrals of their patients and we are pleased to share their real-life stories of their journey to an improved self-image. We invite you to read through our patient feedback before you decide to move forward with your own cosmetic goals at Aesthetic Enhancement Plastic Surgery.

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Review from C.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Jun 19, 2017

4 weeks post TT (high lateral tension abdomiboplasty), Thermi Tight to flanks/knees & Breast Lift (no implants). Love the new look, but not loving the aches & pains. Certainly was not fully prepared for all that goes along with this journey. I've been so dependent on my hubby & that's not like me at all!!!! ~~~~~~ I'm 54yrs 5'6" 160lbs prior to surgery & I had dropped to 153 one week after surgery, but now I'm back up to 158 :( Have you other ladies experienced this? I'm worried this is a new trend. ~~~~~ ACHES & PAINS: I also seem to have a new pain pop up somewhere everyday. Right under my ribs seems to hurt the most & the muscle pain/skin burning on either side of belly button is disturbing too. It actually hurts more now in some places than it did two weeks ago. ~~~~~ GRIPES: Still can't sleep in my bed, still can't have sex, have trouble turning my head while driving, hate this binder/love this binder, can't get dressed by myself, ripping off surgical tape daily is absolutely NO FUN , can only be out of compression pants & binder for 30-45 minutes MAX, otherwise I start aching everywhere & finally getting up out of recliner is downright comical!! ~~~~~ BELLY BUTTON I'm also worried my new belly button is closing up, but doc says don't worry about it because sutures still need to come out two weeks from now. Has that been an issue for anyone? ~~~~~WORKING OUT? HA! That's a joke! I feel like my muscles have turned to mush!! Doc says to treat weeks 3-6 like it's only week two. So I'm being a good girl & not over doing it by any means. ~~~~~ BREAST LIFT has been a breeze!! No issues whatsoever. No pain, no problems & I'M PERKY for the first time in 20 years!!!! I was a full & saggy 36D prior to surgery, and after getting measured last week, I'm STILL a 36D?!? How did that happen? Great Doc I suppose :) ~~~~~ THERMI TIGHT to area above knees & flanks. Haven't noticed any substantial results there, but I understand I need to wait 2-3 months to fully appreciate results. I sincerely hope those above knee wrinkles will be totally gone!! ~~~~ SATISFACTION LEVEL ONE MONTH OUT? I'M THRILLED & WOULD DO IT AGAIN ..LOOOOOVE my new 30" waist (down from 35.5 inches prior to surgery......makes me feel like a Barbie doll :-P), hips down 2" from pre surgery & I know I'm still dealing with swelling. Perky Breasts ...oh yeah, gotta love it! Full nipple sensation, absolutely nothing lost. Knees & thighs look much better due to high lateral abdominoplasty (this procedure actually pulls some loose skin from front of thighs & thermi tight to knees has helped too). ~~~~~LAST BUT NOT LEAST.....GIVING THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!!!! After spending countless hours researching doctors (this site is where I found all 5 docs I interviewed) & reading story after story on this site, I'm so glad I took the plunge! Thank you Thank you to all of you who went on before & shared your stories. You gave me (and many others) the strength to jump in the transformation waters & emerge a new woman on the other side. Your strength & courage is incredibly contagious!! God bless you all & remember.... YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL... INSIDE & OUT!!!!!!! XOXOXOUpdated on 26 Sep 2016:Seeing doc in one week to remove sutures in BB & he's telling me not to worry about it shrinking. Hard not to worry a little. Has anyone else gone thru this?Updated on 26 Sep 2016:Updated on 26 Sep 2016: More

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