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Board-certifed Plastic Surgeon Dr. Armando Soto has been recognized time and time again for his expertise and specialty skill in cosmetic surgery. Dr. Soto has been named one of only 100 doctors across the nation to receive the RealSelf 100 award for his commitment to ensuring millions of consumers make informed decisions about cosmetic procedures. At Aesthetic Enhancement Plastic Surgery in Orlando, Dr. Soto and his highly-trained medical team take great pride in the daily reviews and referrals of their patients and we are pleased to share their real-life stories of their journey to an improved self-image. We invite you to read through our patient feedback before you decide to move forward with your own cosmetic goals at Aesthetic Enhancement Plastic Surgery.

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Review from A.D.  |  Source: Google  |  Jun 02, 2021

I wanted to get laser hair removal and found this place by my friend who has done some work here. I have to say Amy does a great job and I can’t complain about her but what I am complaining about is the fact they Changed the pricing of my 4th session. Before I even started to get laser there. I called they told me it would be $200 a session. Which by the way is pricey for laser hair removal but since it’s a plastic surgeons office I was willing to pay the price of the session. Now my 4th session I go to checkout with the front desk girl. Not only do I wait a while to for her to check me out. She then gets up and leaves for a few minutes. She comes back and tells me it’ll be $220 minus the $30 you prepaid. I’m like how did the price change? I’m not aware of the price change. With her passive aggressive attitude as she doesn’t care because it’s not her money. She tells me I don’t know your file and we will do better. Well as the receptionist she does know my file because I fill papers out every time I’ve gone so she’s very aware. I said how can you change the price without telling me ahead of time? I wasn’t sent an email or anything stating you are changing the price of the sessions. I don’t think that’s professional at all to do that to a client wether they are paying $200 or 10k. Price changing out of No where is wrong and bad business. And the receptionist treating me the way she did was unacceptable as I was doing something wrong which I wasn’t. She is was wrong for treating me that way. I’m not even sure I’ll go back. I wanted to do other things but that just rubbed me the wrong way price changing! I hope it doesn’t happen to any other clients. To Dr. Armando, I can’t believe that now you are accusing me of being a fake person. As a doctor you are to be honest to your clients, PERIOD. Never was I offered a package. I was offered by appointment. I will repeat by appointment for a price! Some people you may catch with the random price change but not me. You in no way shape or form told me as your client of price change! So with that being said don’t randomly change the price! I hope you learn your lesson. I know now that I can’t be the only person to complain about something like this especially now that you accuse me of being fake. Your office always has 2 cleaning ladies leaving as I come in for my appointment. You have pink everywhere, you have lots of glitter inside the waiting area. You usually have 2 receptionist don’t remember their names. Sometimes just 1 which is the rude one with the black hair! I wonder how many clients that won’t take a reviews down you do this to. I’m still in shock! Tada! Once again your not generous because if you were you wouldn’t randomly price change without informing your client! That’s GREED. At the end of the day GREED doesn’t win! It was brought to your attention and you didn’t care because to you I’m a no body! More

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